On my way!

This needed to happen. It needed to happen in this exact way…for ways that aren’t known just yet.

I’m back at blogging, but this attempt will be a from scratch approach. To see my journey so far, click the “about” button up top.

Here’s my long term goal:

I want to be 185 pounds. This is about 15 lower than my previous low point in my first trip down. I’m nowhere near this and I anticipate it taking about a year to get there.

Part of this will need me to step back on that scale. This is planned for tomorrow morning. To be honest, I’m a bit scared. I’m pretty sure that I’ve crossed above the 300 line again. If so, then that’s just where I will have to begin. ¬†Short term goals will be set every two weeks.

How I will help meet these goals:

  1. 1200 calories a day limit. This is more than allowed in the first attempt
  2. Hour of elliptical every day after work (typically 600 calorie burn from my baseline over the past two weeks)
  3. One active weekend event (hiking, biking, running, etc).
  4. Your support
  5. Staying positive in my mind and thoughts. Keep the goal in mind!


I’ll report back in the morning!